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This collection is inspired by our tagline, Wear It. Walk It. Live It. and is an embodiment of the Hips and Heels woman. She is real (shows up as her), she appreciates her journey and embraces and owns her experiences. Pressure Makes Dimes

She is one heck of a woman, things don’t come easy for her, and therefore she has to fight for the things she has. Warrior Princess

Regardless of the challenges that come her way she manages to hold her head high. Powerful and Triumphant

Not having it all figured out, she makes mistakes and is still learning. Perfect Imperfection

Her journey has equipped her to handle the pressures of life and she flourishes in spite of life’s challenges. Success Story

Regardless of the situation, she manages to bounce back, with grace and style. Born to do it and do it well, and she is not afraid to Wear It. Walk It. Live It.

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