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Thank you for browsing my little world on the web. So glad you're here!

Hips and Heels is a brand that strives to inspire women by encouraging confidence and self-love.

I want women to remember to put themselves back on their priority list, wake up, dress up and OWN HER MAGIC.

My boutique is filled with vibrant pieces that will inspire and reassure you, from motivational tees, tops, dresses, jumpsuits, rompers and accessories.

Hips and Heels is for Honorable Intelligent Purposeful Sisters (HIPS).


The world has always placed huge expectations on women, from giving birth, working (inside or outside the home), being that listening ear, that shoulder to cry on and to carry on regardless of the many roles. Women also encounter difficult moments, child loss, infertility, body shame and ultimately, self-esteem issues.

With so much brokenness and pressure, women often forget to live purposefully and so I have created this platform as a reminder for YOU, I thought, why not start with what she sees in the mirror.

We are a sisterhood through fashion. I believe that when a woman looks her best and has other women (sisters) to back her, she feels her best and can confidently conquer whatever lies before her.


Every woman has a H. First, we are the extraordinary Heroes that rarely get celebrated, no capes, just Heart, Hips and our Heels. 

Hips and Heels are synonymous to women, it is our power tool.

Hips symbolize fertility, motherhood and sexuality. "HIPS Don't Lie"

Heels can be delicate just like women, but as women, we rise to the occasion despite life’s fragile moments.

Just as heels have different heights, a woman has various levels in her life that she must withstand.

Wear It. Walk It. Live It

Breaking IT down….

Wear It – Wear your confidence without fear

Walk It – Step purposefully towards the life you always envisioned

Live It – Own your choices and show up ready to overcome anything

With all the things that come to break us and cause us to swerve, remember your IT. Put yourself first place in your life, and WEAR IT. WALK IT. LIVE IT.

If you find something you like SPREAD THE LOVE!


Thanks for stopping by and I hope to connect with you!


One Love,